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About Our Law Firm, Brayton Purcell, and Our Welding Rod Lawyers

As a welder, you face serious safety issues, including exposure to welding fumes that can cause manganese poisoning and Parkinson’s disease. Brayton Purcell’s goal is to help you and other workers protect their legal rights if illness and disability strike.

We have been successfully handling cases involving toxic substances for over 24 years, representing both workers and their families. Our welding rod lawyers seek damages to the full extent allowed by law in order to compensate clients for pain and suffering, loss of wages, and medical expenses. We are proud of our record of excellent legal representation, tireless advocacy, and high ethical standards.

We realize that you will have concerns about your health as well as about your finances. Brayton Purcell is in contact with an extensive network of health professionals, and can help you find reliable sources of medical information and support.

Please be aware that if you become a client, we will not charge a fee unless you recover compensation through our efforts. Also, our initial consultation is free of charge.

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